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Qcom Loader Download




You can flash multiple devices using this tool, with any Firmware version (from 5.0 up to latest). If you have previously installed a firmware image on a smartphone, it is very simple to load the firmware again (for example if you want to update a device for new features or features that the new firmware provides). The main features of the application are: Unofficial Firmware Loader (just copy & paste the XML you want to flash to the FlashWindow box) Additional features, like the ability to flash additional Firmware on one device simultaneously Ability to unzip the Firmware files directly to the SD Card Ability to make a backup of your current Firmware files, and restore it at any time (this will allow you to easily keep your current files in case you want to revert to a previous Firmware version) Ability to display the Firmware version on the device, by checking the “Build.FV” parameter Qualcomm Flash Image Loader is a multi-platform application (for Windows, Android, and iOS). It is free to use and you can send me an email to request a donation if you need it. You can download the application here, from the Android Store (for Android) or here (for iOS). To use the application, you have to: Flash the image file (this will overwrite the current Firmware, and you may lose your data) Go to the folder you want to flash, and copy the file to your SD Card Start QFIL, and in the box “Flash Window” you can paste the XML code you want to flash. If you want to flash multiple files at once, you can either press the “Flash All Files” button (the first firmware file you paste will be flashed) or the “Load Files” button to do that (you can load as many files as you want). When flashing a new image, you can copy the current Firmware to the SD Card or to an internal folder. This is the most simple method for flashing Firmware, but there are several advantages of flashing the Firmware with QFIL: It works with every Qualcomm chipset (instead of just one) It can flash from SD Card or internal folder (faster, and the code is transferred to the device before the Firmware is flashed) It supports multiple Firmware images per device (instead of only



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Qcom Loader Download

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