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Bev's Take on the New Hires: Grace in Growth

Corrie sat down with Bev this month and chatted about the rapid growth FACC has experienced this past year, with the addition of three more staff members since April 2021.

Bev, who will tell you in a heartbeat that she doesn’t have a lot to say,

actually had quite a lot to say about this.

Thank you, Bev!

I think we have been doing well servicing and providing technical assistance (TA) to the Native businesses in Wisconsin, which has always been our goal. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from clients over the years who have received loans with us and prefer to continue to work with us because they feel they have been treated well with us. I just heard that from one of our clients the other day – that said they would prefer to work with us rather than go somewhere else because they feel we have not only helped them, but that we care.

How has the development of the team impacted FACC?

FACC will be able to give more TA to our clients, and spend more 1:1 with clients and that’s a good thing. We have some loan clients who have been working with us for a while, so they’ve gotten used to working with just Craig, Gary, and myself for so long and now with the team growing, I have received a few calls asking “who is this person calling me?”, but they are getting to know who everyone is. We’ve been fortunate to grow quickly in the last 2 years and it’s time. The direction the company is going I think is good, it’s just going to get better and we will be able to get out there and do more for the Native businesses.

Personally, for me I know Craig would be very happy with the growth and direction this organization is going. All he ever wanted was the Native businesses to be successful because that was his passion, and for that, I am happy and glad to see it going in a good direction and getting stronger every year. And I think we have the team to do that, that is what matters most.

First American Capital Corporation, Inc. honors and remembers our co-founder Craig Anderson.

He was a leader and pioneer in Native CDFIs and leaves behind a legacy of

financial sovereignty of Native individuals, families, Native-owned businesses and communities.

Craig Anderson moved onto the spirit world December 4, 2020.

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